MBA in Entreprenuership and Family Business

MBA in Entreprenuership & Family Business

The MBA in entrepreneurship s always a subject of debate. Whether it is necessary for would-be entrepreneurs to build up a suite of skills at business school or is it a waste of time and money that would be better spent launching and running a business without an MBA. We believe that the degree would be a massive impetus for building a professional network, seeking angel or venture capital, as well as creating a successful start-up from just a thought or an idea. The best part about it is the exposures – 3 internships, constant workshops with recent and successful entrepreneurship and the additional useful element of intellectual, holistic depth. One can also afford or get a rare chance at experiencing failure in a safe environment. A failed venture outside of the business school confines can be devastating for some.

  • The programme is an unique blend of entrepreneurship and management courses conceptualized by faculty with 100 plus years of top class academic and industry experience.

  • The courses are designed with a focus on real-world practice and active learning.

  • We offer sessions on entrepreneurial behavior and emphasize the importance of innovative entrepreneurship. Academic sessions are regulated through integration of experiential learning so as to inculcate the essence of creating, managing and sustaining enterprises and encouraging individual initiative.


  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline (min. 50% in aggregate)
  • Ability to read, converse and Write in English, because English will predominantly be the medium for interaction and lectures
  • Having a passion to create and grow an enterprise
  • An urge to create a start-up or to enhance an existing business

Salient Features

  • Experiential knowledge creation through interactive and experiential learning.
  • Access to core classes that emphasize key business skills and organizational behaviour.
  • Amalgamation of key contemporary philosophies and ideas to enhance entrepreneurial skills in high-potential economies like India.
  • Entrepreneurial immersions with reputed international institutions like Mannheim Business School, Germany and other reputed institutions.
  • Focus on yoga and meditation to augment entrepreneurial thinking and action.

Program Objective

  • To Inculcate Study Entrepreneurial Spirit among the young generation
  • To provide learning and networking opportunities
  • To help create and grow value based enterprise

    Pre Semester


      Concept-Clarifying Courses

    • Essential Management Functions
    • Basic Quants
    • Money Matters
      Experiential Courses

    • Encounters with Entrepreneurs
    • Self-Profiling
      Skill-Development Courses

    • Reading & Listening Skills
    • Virtual Competencies
    • Team Building

    Semester 1


      Concept-Building Courses

    • Market Analysis
    • Indian Ethos in Business
    • Partners & Team Selection
    • Business Accounting
      Experiential Courses

    • Innovation & Opportunity Analysis
      Skill-Development Courses

    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Self-Development
    • Written & Verbal Communication

    Semester 2


      Concept-Enhancement Courses

    • Business Research
    • Enterprise Finance
    • Product & Service Development
    • Resources/ Operations Management
    • Team & People ManagementMoney Matters
      Experiential Courses

    • Value Proposition Workshops
      Skill-Development Courses

    • Business Communication
    • Conflict Management

    Semester 3

    Value Proposition-to-Business Model

      Concept-Reinforcement Courses

    • Brand Building
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Employee Engagement & Leadership
    • Sector-Specific Coursess

      Experiential Courses

    • Business Model Creation
    • Project Management
      Skill-Development Courses

    • Entrepreneurial Stress Management
    • Story Telling

    Semester 4

    Business Model-to-Business Plan

      Concept-Sustaining Courses

    • Business Valuation
    • Legal Aspects in Business
    • Growth Management
    • Performance Measurement
    • Sales & Selling Management
      Experiential Courses

    • Business Plan Creation
    • Business Pitching
      Skill-Development Courses

    • Reading & Listening Skills
    • Achieving Incredible Performance




    • Connect to Investors
    • Incubation Support
    • Work Space Provision

      Experiential Courses

    • Meet with Entrepreneurs
    • Workshops

      Skill-Development Courses

    • Self-Enhancement