MBA for Excutives

MBA For Executives

Our MBA will give you the skills, the knowledge, and the practical business experience to fulfill your greatest potential and put your career on the path you most want it to go. and transform your capacity to think strategically and globally, to lead ethically, and to work innovatively.

● Intended for the industry practitioner who needs to remain relevant in an increasingly complex business world.
● Curated courses for the business aspirant who aims to be an innovation champion in his/her organization.
● Designed for the working professional who wishes to upgrade his/her business knowledge and skills while continuing to add value to his/her organization.
● Incorporates the notion of developing an entrepreneurial mindset that will enable the aspirant to explore and exploit the nuances of creating     new  product/processes in the organization.
● Allows continuous interaction with experts, entrepreneurs and innovators throughout the program, in order to gain multiple perspectives of business.

Program Overview


1.  Graduates with a minimum of 50% marks
      from a recognized university
2.  Experience above 3 years desirable.
3.  Submit an Innovation project profile that  candidate wishes to execute in the
     organization (Min 200 words)
4.  Personal at Interview

Program Objective

  • To Inculcate Study Entrepreneurial Spirit among the young generation
  • To provide learning and networking opportunities
  • To help create and grow value based enterprise

    Term 1 ( 14 weeks)

      Core Subjects

    • Managerial Accounting
    • Basic Analytics
    • Understanding Organizations
    • Managerial Economics
      Skill Workshops

    • New Business Ideation
    • Critical Reasoning
      Project component(s )

    • Organization Study: Structure, Function and Roles

    Term 2 (14 Weeks)

      Core Subjects

    • Operations & Supply Chain Management
    • Business Research Methods
    • Marketing Management
    • Business Finance
      Skill Workshops

    • Marketing Management
    • Value Proposition and Feasibility Analysis
      Project component(s )

    • Validating Value Proposition

    Term 3 (14 Weeks)

      Core Subjects

    • Business Policy and Strategy
    • Managing Human Resources
    • New Product/ Service Development
    • Business Simulation
      Skill Workshops

    • Business Modeling
    • Prototyping
      Project component(s )

    • Developing Strategies for a Small Firm

    Term 5 ( 14 weeks)

      Core Subjects

    • Business Ethos in the Indian Context
    • Selling and Sales management
    • Data and Judgment in Uncertain Contexts
    • Digital Strategy
      Skill Workshops

    • Negotiation and Conflict Management
    • Persuasion Techniques
      Project component(s )

    • Digital Marketing Plan

    Term 6 (14 Weeks)

      Core Subjects

    • Innovation Strategies: Platform Thinking
    • Project Management
    • Advanced Data Analytics
    • Change Management and Strategy
      Skill Workshops

    • Business Plan Development
    • New Business Funding
      Project component(s )

    • Innovation Plan

    Term 7 (14 Weeks)

      Core Subjects

    • Specialization (Elective)-1
    • Specialization (Elective)-2
    • Specialization (Elective)-3
    • Specialization (Elective)-4
      Skill Workshops

    • Business Story Telling
    • Business Pitching
      Project component(s )

    • New Business Plan