Entrepreneurship and Management Development Programs (EMDP)

The Focus Areas

Acknowledging India as a High Potential Economy, KEMI believes that focus on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Family Businesses and Social Entrepreneurs can truly transform the Indian business landscape. For the identified clientele, KEMI’s mission is thus to

  • A well-thought-out mix of courses encompassing diverse strategic and functional disciplines in entrepreneurship and management

  • Promote ambitious, conscientious and capable commercial and social enterprises

  • Nurture and mentor social and commercial wealth creators, and

  • Enable organizations to transform themselves to high-impact enterprises with adequate risk management

Course Contents

The programs are normally of 2-3 day duration. Programs can be customized to the requirements of the client organizations; which may be conducted on the institute campus or at the clients’ locations.

Program Wise Compilation Of Courses

Program 1

Effective Marketing

  • Building Sustainable Brands
  • Customer Value Propositioning
  • Identifying Profitable Customer Segments
  • Rationalizing Product Portfolios

Program 2

Enhancing Financial Returns

  • Managing Working Capital
  • Managing Investment
  • Strategic Cost Management
  • Cost, Volume and Profit(CVP) Analysis
  • Analyzing Financial Statements

Program 3

Entrepreneurial Business Growth

  • Business Modeling for Growth
  • Managing Early Growth of New Ventures
  • Understanding the Regulatory/Policy Environment & Implication in Decision Making
  • Expansion Avenues and Strategies
  • Valuing the Enterprises
  • Cost volume and Profit (CVP) analysis
  • Creating Sustained Competitive Advantage

Program 4

Managing People & Performance

  • Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  • Organization Development Structure/Reporting/Control Systems
  • Identifying Performance Management Systems
  • Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness
  • Managing Conflict and Negotiations

Program 5

Leadership & Change Management

  • Developing Inspired Leaders
  • Leadership and Influencing Styles Managing Diversity
  • Managing Change
  • Professionalizing the Workforce
  • Visualizing the Organization in a 5-10 Years Time Frame

Program 6

Achieving Operational Excellence

  • Managing Quality, Flexibility, Delivery and Cost
  • Supply Chain Development and Optimization
  • Process Optimization
  • Managing Projects

Program 7


  • Building and managing a Board
  • Governance and Entrepreneurship Development
  • Planning, Engagement and Governance
  • Integrating CSR With Business Strategy

Program 8

Managing the Social Enterprise

  • Identifying Customer Segments
  • Leadership and Influencing Styles Managing Diversity
  • Understanding Challenges Faced and Managing Them
  • Sustainability of the Social Enterprise