Making a Difference Through Enterprise Creation and Growth

Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (KEMI)

Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (KEMI) is a path-breaking initiative of Jain University, which provides an engaging platform for the innovators who yearn for the best. It aims to sustain and advance the entrepreneurial agenda in a focused manner, through meaningful endeavors in entrepreneurship and business formation. KEMI aims to blend the best of eastern and western thoughts and practices for promoting agile, action-oriented, and conscientious wealth creators.

Leadership and Board of Governer’s

Dr.K.R.S. Murthy

Former Director, Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore

Dr.Y.S. Rajan

Distinguished Scientist, Honorary Distinguished Professor, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Co-Author With Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Dr. Madhura Chatrapathy

Founder And Chairman Of Food Associates Bangalore & AWAKE

Mr. Sangeeth Varghese

Founder And Chairman Of LeadCap Trust And LeadLab


Practicing the basic principles of sustainability in terms of recycling and reusing resources. From an entrepreneurial viewpoint, it will help us to focus on the viability and continuous renewal.


It will guide our knowledge creation effort by making it contextual and relevant and introducing propositions that are grounded in reality.

Blending the best of Eastern and Western thoughts & practices

To promote Agile, Action-Oriented and Conscientious wealth creators.

The Initiation of KEMI

Jain University, one of India’s leading private universities located in Bangalore, is known for nurturing entrepreneurship among its students and ushering in innovation in the study of entrepreneurial behavior and cognition. It has also incubated more than fifty innovative ventures using its own unique model in a short span of time and it has also impacted the growth of several businesses, thereby promoting employment for the youth. It also offers educational and training programs of short and long duration, along with professional guidance and support for promoting entrepreneurship. For more details visit