MBA Entrepreneurship

The MBA in entrepreneurship s always a subject of debate. Whether it is necessary for would-be entrepreneurs to build up a suite of skills at business school or is it a waste of time and money that would be better spent launching and running a business without an MBA. We believe that the degree would be a massive impetus for building a professional network, seeking angel or venture capital, as well as creating a successful start-up from just a thought or an idea. The best part about it is the exposures – 3 internships, constant workshops with recent and successful entrepreneurship and the additional useful element of intellectual, holistic depth. One can also afford or get a rare chance at experiencing failure in a safe environment. A failed venture outside of the business school confines can be devastating for some.

MBA in General Management

Program is designed considering the classical challenges managers face in the business and organizational context and also factoring in the new challenges that have emerged in the last decade. Technological progress is driving disruptive changes in business models. Disruptive changes in attitudes of customers and their preferences are also are realities that companies encounter. This new MBA program, MBA in General Management, is designed to prepare students to successfully overcome these new challenges in addition to the general skills that are required considering the old challenges.

KEMI Inititation

Jain University, one of India’s leading private universities located in Bangalore, is known for nurturing entrepreneurship among its students and ushering in innovation in the study of entrepreneurial behavior and cognition. It has also incubated more than fifty innovative ventures using its own unique model in a short span of time and it has also impacted growth of several businesses, thereby promoting employment for the youth. It also offers educational and training programs of short and long duration, along with professional guidance and support for promoting entrepreneurship. For more details visit

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Student Entrepreneur from KEMI has bagged the 1st position in a national level entrepreneur short filmmaking competition “Startup Shorts 2017” contest organized by NEN on the aspect of promoting Entrepreneurship in the country.


I have learned a great deal. It was not just about how to start and run a business but about the qualities that an entrepreneur must possess in order to succeed. The mentorship received was very useful, and I am applying it to my new venture


I had decided to start a venture, which had an unstructured idea, but fortunately KEMI taught me a structured form to run a venture.


It is difficult to meet Great Personalities; I shook hands with one- Deshpande Sir!”


A vibrant entrepreneurship network enabling access to mentors, investors and tools for growth


Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) is accelerating economic and social impact through entrepreneurship in mid-sized cities




Babson is the educator, convener and thought leader for Entrepreneurship of All Kinds



This is Day 1 of how India is coping with the world’s biggest coronavirus lockdown, 1.3 billion people — nearly a fifth of humanity — ordered to stay inside unless vitally necessary

#COVID19 | Flipkart says assured of safe passage of supply & delivery executives

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One of the big four tech companies, #Amazon carved itself a huge market in the Indian user base.
#CoronavirusLockdown #CoronaVirusUpdates

#CoronavirusPandemic | As #COVID2019 continues to wreak havoc globally, #China is close to declaring victory and is already easing travel restrictions, a report says

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Turkish prosecutors have charged 20 suspects over the 2018 murder of Riyadh critic Jamal Khashoggi.


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Business Model Canvas

It would be interesting to discuss how the Business Model Canvas ( BMC) came about and where it’s going in the future… Alex Osterwalder,the originator of the BMC wanted to get entrepreneurs prototyping their business model just like architects do for buildings or industrial design. “It needs to work like…

Entrepreneurship: The key DNA for success

Everyone thinks entrepreneurial life looks so easy, restful, and peaceful. But it can actually be really hard, exhausting, rigid, and compact. Being an entrepreneur is about working every time and thinking even for fraction of second. It’s about using to the opportunities around the environment. It’s about…


Mr. Sathish Venkatachalaiah

Founder- Somthing Cooking Arts Pvt Ltd

Mr. Abha Bharathi Guptha

Foundational and Leadership Competencies Facilitator and Consultant